Installations for care homes and clinics


Working in a private clinic or retirement home where elderly people and those who require nursing care are staying means guaranteeing a service with tact and empathy in addition to expertise and professionalism.
We always aim to get the job done as quietly and with as little inconvenience as possible so as not to interrupt the residents’ lives or disturb their peace and quiet. /p>

Technological systems

  • Cable networks
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Standard and emergence lighting
  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Intrusion protection and access control systems
  • Power generators

Elettromeccanica Bustese has many years' experience working in hospitals, medical facilities, retirement homes, care homes and clinics for which we primarily design and install security and video surveillance systems.
In addition to making these establishments secure with solutions they can trust, these projects instil a deeper human value in our brand: our ability to be people first and professionals second.

Elettromeccanica Bustese

At Elettromeccanica our mission is expand our services (electrics, mechanical installations, ventilation, home automation and video surveillance) throughout Italy to offer our clients a high-quality, all-inclusive service.
Our projects include airports, retail areas (duty-free shops), newsagents (Hudson News) and catering and provisioning facilities, as well as installations for private homes and home automation, care homes and clinics, gyms and fitness centres.