Private and home automation installations


Perfecting every technical aspect is obviously imperative when designing a solution for a home. But what is even more important is understanding how the safety and security of people and families and their personal spaces depend on every decision you make.
When we take our expertise and experience into somebody’s home, we become part of that person’s life for a while and we are well aware of the great responsibility this entails.

Technological systems

  • Home automation
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion protection and access control systems

Elettromeccanica Bustese offers private homes the opportunity to have state-of-the-art technologies and products for video surveillance, burglar alarms, fire protection systems, automation and every imaginable smart home solution to make monitoring, controlling and managing the home as easy as possible. Our experience of working in airports guarantees our clients a more reliable standard of service and results than other firms in our industry can provide.
Some of the brands we use include BTicino My Home, Siemens, and Notifier: combining our know-how with the use of such famously trusted brands means we can provide a 100% guarantee for our work and our client’s safety and security.

A selection of our projects

Elettromeccanica Bustese

At Elettromeccanica our mission is expand our services (electrics, mechanical installations, ventilation, home automation and video surveillance) throughout Italy to offer our clients a high-quality, all-inclusive service.
Our projects include airports, retail areas (duty-free shops), newsagents (Hudson News) and catering and provisioning facilities, as well as installations for private homes and home automation, care homes and clinics, gyms and fitness centres.