Installations for gyms and fitness centres


A gym is a place where people meet and develop firm friendships through mutual hard work and a desire to achieve a goal. Working in the fitness industry means combining our technical experience with the ability to click with people on a human level.

Technological systems

  • Smoke detection systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Standard and emergence lighting
  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Intrusion protection and access control systems

Elettromeccanica Bustese has completed countless projects for gyms and fitness centres since the 1990s.
One of our stand-out projects was the Olympus Gym: thanks to our ability to design and produce what they requested and our flair for problem-solving, the gym provides such a consistently high-quality service that it has become one of the most popular and highly-regarded gyms in the area.

A selection of our projects

Elettromeccanica Bustese

At Elettromeccanica our mission is expand our services (electrics, mechanical installations, ventilation, home automation and video surveillance) throughout Italy to offer our clients a high-quality, all-inclusive service.
Our projects include airports, retail areas (duty-free shops), newsagents (Hudson News) and catering and provisioning facilities, as well as installations for private homes and home automation, care homes and clinics, gyms and fitness centres.